You are at Kajal Showcasing Innocence!!

Kajal Showcasing Innocence!!

Girls and boys, men and women have similar ideas when it comes to having fun. But women tend to be reserved as society imposes many norms on them.

Recently, in Govindudu Andari Vaadele, there is a scene where heroine Kajal Agarwal is shown drinking in a pub.

When asked about the scene, Kajal had this to say: “When Krishna Vamsi narrated the scene to me, I was a little surprised. He told me that many girls frequent pubs these days and that social drinking is common among them. Well, I have done it so I would not know. Even when I go to pubs with friends, I only drink fruit punch,” says she.

Kajal says she was not one bit comfortable doing the scene in the film as she could not relate to it. But once I finished shooting, I felt nice about it. Though I know girls do drink, I have never seen one.

"I come from a traditional family and both my parents are always there for us. They made sure we learnt what was right and what was wrong at a very young age. In fact, drinking is bad for health and it ruins many families. I think one must steer clear of alcohol. In films, we do such scenes for fun. Please don’t take them as benchmarks," says Kajal.

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