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Balakrishna leaked Lion Punch Dialogue!


Nandamuri Balakrishna is not worried about film piracy. Because his films don't die with piracy as fans will watch him only in theatres though a piracy print is out. This is not any observation of film lovers but Balayya himself made these comments.

“Naaku puttukathone devudu prathi part lo oka power daachadu... Porapaatuna okka part ni touch chesina...", said Balayya the other day, while talking at people near Handrineeva Project. This happens to be dialogue from his latest movie “Lion", which Balayya revealed in advance at the political meet. Balayya added, “I'm not worried about this dialogue leakage. Because film piracy is not going affect me as I know my fans go watch my films in theaters despite piracy".

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