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I'm Not Divorcee Yet: Singer Sunitha

Breaking her silence on mystery shrouding her personal life, singer Sunitha has finally spoken about her private life in public. In a candid interview to a leading vernacular, Sunitha has set the record straight. "I'm not divorcee yet. Yes, I'm separated from my husband. We both are staying separately but we haven't ended our marriage," said Sunitha. She alleged that her husband Kiran won't give her divorce though she wanted it and she claimed that he himself told her the same.

37-year-old Sunitha got married to Kiran when she was 19. She has a 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. Reasoning the troubles in her marriage, Sunitha blamed her husband calling him 'irresponsible' and 'who doesn't give value for relationships'. Sunitha added that she didn't get the thought of getting married again and said all she wanted is to give good future for her kids.Sunitha also responded on the alleged linkups. Talking on link-up with politician, Sunitha clarified that she became soft target in the ploy by the politician's rivals.

When questioned about reports of her link-up with a film director and reports of her marriage, Sunitha said that she was wrongly framed as there were no strong support for her.Sunitha concluded saying she wants to start her own musical institute and wants to teach classes online. Evincing interest in designing, Sunitha also wants to try her hand at sarees, dress designing.

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