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Baba Ramdev pays surprise visit to Sanjay Dutt in jail

Bollywood Actor Sanjay Dutt, who is serving his jail term at Pune's Yerawada Central Jail, burst into tears after meeting yoga guru Ramdev on Thursday January 14. Ramdev visited the jail to impart yoga lessons to the inmates where Sanjay Dutt was also present. He met the actor at the in-house radio station and had a brief conversation with him. “Dutt looked calm and composed, and told me he has attended some of my workshops. All he told me was to pray for him," Ramdev was quoted by a leading daily.

The 'Khalnayak' actor is currently serving his five-year prison term following his conviction in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. He often opts to be the RJ at the jail's radio station. Sanjay Dutt and the yoga guru had also previously met at a private Ganeshotsav function in Mumbai in September last year when the actor was out on a month's parole. Confirming the meeting, Ramdev said, “I met Sanjay for five minutes and he claimed that he is practicing yoga daily in prison. Sanjay is a good human being and we have good relationship from past. I blessed him and also pray to God that he is released soon."

“He (Sanjay Dutt) was in tears the moment he saw Ramdev since he was meeting some known after a long time. Ramdev adviced him to do suryanamaskar and pranayam and also demonstrated breathing techniques for him," jail sources were quoted in a report.

As many as 500 inmates including convicts and under-trails along with jail staff attended the yoga session where Ramdev taught them how to be physically and mentally fit. He also advised them to give up smoking and hookah as a 'dakshina' for yoga. Sanjay Dutt is expected to be released from jail on February 25. The actor has served more than 50 months out of the sentence of 60 months that was awarded to him. A regular remission was granted to Sanjay Dutt by the authorities on account of good conduct.

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