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Bengal Tiger's release date postponed


Bengal Tiger's release date has been postponed by three weeks. Now that is not a small window of time and latest buzz in the industry is that the film hasn't come up to the expectations of the hero and the team. It is known that Sampath Nandi is directing the film. Talk is that a lot of repair work is going on and that re-shoots have been planned.

As per earlier schedule, the film should have been hit the screens for Diwali. And accordingly, the film's trailer has also been released. But now the film's release has been postponed for three weeks and it is said that it could release in December. It is being said the film's shooting was more or less over and when the unit watched the film, it was clear that none of them liked parts of it. So, immediately re-shoots were planned and the team announced the delay in release date. However, there is another version that the film has been postponed for Akhil. Akhil is now slated for release for Diwali. But that is not confirmed as yet. So some say pushing the blame on to Akhil is telling gullible stories.

Naturally, this has strengthened the rumours about re-shoot and the unit is busy say industry insiders. The film's hero Ravi Teja who is desperate for a hit right now is said to be pretty tensed about the film as it means a lot for him at this juncture.

Well, it remains to be seen when Bengal Tiger hits the screen and how!

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