You are at Allu Aravind Clever Trick Helps Bunny

Allu Aravind Clever Trick Helps Bunny

Allu Aravaind is one producer who knows it all. He exactly knows which film makers to work with and also knows what his best for both his sons. He wanted a mass image for Bunny and chose Boyapati and the result is for everyone to see. Once again he decided to release the film in Malayalam and make the most of the profit.

Already bunny is a huge star there and in order to generate more hype for the film he sent Bunny to Kerala to watch the film along with the fans. Obviously, the turnout was huge and with the film taking some good openings. The film is expected to be in profit zone keeping the current craze in mind.

Allu Aravind once again proved his cleverness and is now safe and has earned big bucks with is film. Time and again it has been the superb planning of Geetha Arts that they always end up having winners in hand. This time it is for his son and he is enjoying it big time.

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