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Akhil distributors are losing 50% of their share


On release day, due to hype and hoopla surrounding the project, "Akhil" has collected 10 crores share from box office. As producers have held a press meet to reveal these figures, everyone is eagerly waiting to see if they will announce next day's collections also. While five days are passing, there is no report yet coming out. What's up with the box office figures anyway?

It's a record shattering opening for a debut hero on Day 1, as Akhil Akkineni's "Akhil" collected 10 crores from world box office and nearly 8.4+ from AP and Telangana, but the revenues haven't waited for anymore day to drop. Generally there will be huge drops from Monday but by Friday itself the film started to wear its flop colours. As per reports from two Telugu states, the film managed to make 10 crores share after Day 3, indicating that second and third days contributed something near 1.5 crores only. If the trend continues this way, finally "Akhil" may end up collecting only 17-20 crores 'share' from world box office while the theatrical rights are sold out for nearly 44+ crores. In that case, the film will be losing nearly 50% of its investment from distributors, say analysts. Directed by VV Vinayak, "Akhil" lacks good content and also lacklustre performance from Akhil except his dances, has marred the experience on a whole for cinema lovers.

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