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Madhubala Ready to Do Any Role!

Madhoo has no qualms playing bar-girl

Heroine Madhubala aka Madhoo is now playing mom roles in Telugu movies including Anthaka Mundu Aah Traumata and Karthikeya. The actress says that she has no reason to worry to play such roles because during early in her career she played roles like bar-girl that was refused by many star heroines.

"I love exploring other dimensions of human beings. In early 90s, I played a bar girl who does things usually actresses don't like doing in 'Pehchaan'. There was another movie where I was supposed to play a gay psychotherapist. The film didn't happen, I've decided to play a character about somebody's emotions", says Madhoo.

For a lady who doesn't mind bar girl and gay characters, what's there in picking up mother roles? No qualm at all.

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