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Varma Dirty Comments On Chiru!

Ramu with his hangover mind, poured late night tweets on chiranjeevi and family. He irked mega star and his fans with some dirty comments on his 150th flick.

Ramu’s tweets goes as follows:

“I hope chiranjeevi gaaru will direct his 150th film himself because from whatever my interaction with him he knows more than every director...If Chiranjeevigaaru works wth directors Trivikram Vinayak etc it will be just another etc film but if he does himself it will b the film...I am very sure that Chiranjeevigaaru has the wisdom nd intelligence to direct his 150th film himself... If Chiranjeevigaaru doesn't direct his 150 th film himself it will be a bigger mistake than him starting prajaraajyam party...Chiranjeevigaaru directing his 150th film himself wil b a spectacular event of his 3 decades and his truly true fans will have an orgasm”.

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