You are at Ram Charan and Team Ready For Dhruva Shooting​

Ram Charan and Team Ready For Dhruva Shooting​

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In re-writing a remake script, there will be new hurdles for writers and directors to re-align the story and heroic characterization matching to our nativity and our own commercial standards. 'Thani Oruvan' had a strong story point and racy screenplay with excellent mind game between hero Jayam Ravi and villain Aravind Swamy.

After plenty of discussions and many sittings, director Surender Reddy finally came with a firm bound script on hand and tentatively titled 'Dhruva' was launched the other day with regular shooting to commence from 22nd of this month. Although, final enhancements and spot developments are to be taken care by director on shooting spot but Ramcharan is heard to have passed strict orders for entire team to get away from any more script development discussions or improvisations and concentrate on conducting free flowing shooting schedules.

'Thani Oruvan' had bundles of stuff in it where hero-villain mind game always provides a scope for further betterment. 'We are done with the script work for now. Please do not make any more new changes. Let's stick with what we have got on hand. Stop discussing about the creative inputs for now and let's team up for shooting as per the planned schedules. Don't worry, we have got a super hit product and we should be bang on the target,' Charan reportedly informed his team mates.

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