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Why Kajal Aggarwal Makes Twitter Debut ??!!

Kajal Aggarwal

Deterred by recent string of flops including a massive set back in form of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Kajal Aggarwal seems to have decided to go social. Considering stiff competition from her peers who're making right noises on social media platforms, Kajal has joined Twitter bandwagon probably to keep herself in the headlines and limelight.With no big offers down the south except Mahesh Babu-starrer Brahmotsavam and the situation is no different in Bollywood, media too writing her off. Quickly realising this, Kajal has initiated the damage control steps. Recently, she upped her glam show to catch eyeballs. Also, she increased the dose of skin show in the public events. While this seems to have worked to an extent, now she decided to join Twitter.As of now, Kajal is pinning all hopes on Brahmotsavam. Whether Mahesh would give her much awaited break? Will she resurrect her sagging career? Let's wait and see.

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