You are at Bollywood and its fake modernization!

Bollywood and its fake modernization!

We have seen many instances where Bollywood and its heroines defends their movies and grooming style so strongly. But it’s a known thing that in the name of glamour, Bollywood wiped off all lines and making it as semi-porn industry. If somebody questions, we can hear all sort of teachings like “Grow up! Respect women!!Come out and see the world”. Hope they are aware common Indian doesn’t have access to world as the stars made by him had.  

Recently Deepika doing all fuss when TOI published her photograph “OMG!! Deepika cleavage show” heading. In twitter she took on the daily and almost whole Bollywood stood by her. Well, that is fine. 

May be the heading sounds as a roadside eve teaser’s comment! It’s understandable as a woman she felt humiliated and reacted strongly. Today TOI slapped back Deepika with same pace. This controversy will go on for some time. 

There are many occasions where these girls go for public events with bad dress sense. Sometimes they too feel uncomfortable and remain as laughing stock. 

As part of their job, they will roam across different countries and adopt different cultures from those cities. But in India, it’s a society of mixed cultures and sections. All sections cannot receive a movie/scene same way.  Film makers and actors should keep it in mind while filming.

If they are feeling they are taking India to other level by educating people in this way, sorry! Many can only think this much and all that it can do is “leaving some adverse effects on people’s mindset and hormones”. Anyway, there is separate industry for that. Hope Bollywood will not make it main stream!!

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