You are at Suriya's desperate tactics to come back!

Suriya's desperate tactics to come back!

Suriya's desperate tactics to woo fans

After the not-so- successful Anjaan, actor Suriya seems to have resorted to exhibiting friendship towards Chiyaan Vikram to woo fans. Vikram's much anticipated 'I' is set to release for Diwali and the audio was launched on Monday. Suriya seems to have added the poster of Vikram's 'I' as his Whatsapp profile image with the message 'ALL THE BEST "I" TEAM. Looks like Suriya is desperate to win back his fans after Anjaan.

Suriya's PR team seems to be desperate as their statement to the media says "There are namesake friends who vociferously praise each other, but only few exhibit the true essence of what a friendship means. Suriya exhibits such an emblematic friendship and this act of his has made it all evident."

Actors who are friends with each other these days make it to the audio launches of their friends and some of them even play guest roles for free. While a few of the stars have even actually produced films with their star friends in the lead, Suriya who had all the time in the world to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at the gym and even get his book on bodybuilding from home and get it autographed, could only add a poster of 'I' as his Whatsapp profile image.

The even more funny part is that the Anjaan star's PR team claims, when every actor prefers promoting their films or their personal activities through their social networking and other online networks, Suriya has done this and also that it is a rarity to see an actor promoting the other one from the same league.

We wonder how would having the poster of 'I' on his Whatsapp promote the film, when only the people who are in his list (maybe a few hundreds or thousands) would be able to view the same, at least Suriya could have done that in case he was serious about 'promoting' Vikram's 'I'.

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