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Madhu Priya Love Marriage with Srikanth


Madhupriya, the child folk singer who got into international fame with her 'Aadapillanammaa ... nenu aadapillanaani, baadhapadakammaa ...' song now gets embroiled into an equally popular controversy with her love marriage scheduled for Friday in Sirpur Kagaznagar in Adilabad district getting into trouble. The singer who earned millions of fans not only in Telugu states, but throughout world, just crossed minority a month ago and wanted to marry her boyfriend Mangi Srikanth with whom she has been in love for over two years. The boy's parents approved their love and are ready to perform their marriage at S. Kagaznagar. They invited friends and relatives for the wedding to be held at 11.20am.

However, all the trouble started for Madhupriya with her parents, whom the singer always put in a high regard, objected to the daughter's marriage; their objection is not for marrying her lover, but marrying at this age. With parents trying to convince her against the marriage, Madhupriya went to the boy's house all alone and took their support in defending herself. She approached the police stating she is major and has every right to marry on her own will and requested the police to protect her from her own parents. As she is major now, police have no other choice but to provide protection to her from her parents.

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