You are at Charmi to settle in Capital City?

Charmi to settle in Capital City?

Charmi who has severed her ties with director Puri Jagannadh is planning to move to Delhi and settle there, according to our sources. That is said to be her New Year resolution. Charmi had plans of settling completely in Hyderabad as she has been living here since 2003. She hoped to continue her partnership with Puri Jagannadh and produce movies with him. But they broke up recently.

It is said that Puri asked her never to appear in the premises of his office. Though she has many friends in Tollywood and is still getting occasional offers, she is said to be heartbroken with Puri's attitude and wants to settle in Delhi just to be far away from Tollywood.

Charmi had earned enough money with films in the decade-long career and is hoping to become an entrepreneur. Although she declared that she would marry a filmy guy in the past, she is having second thoughts, said a source close to her.

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