You are at Gopala Gopala's Decent Audio Launch!

Gopala Gopala's Decent Audio Launch!

No ‘dancing’ at Gopala Gopala audio

Like industry bigwigs like Dasari Narayan Rao commented most of times, these days audio launches of Telugu movies have become mere ‘recording dance’ programs. Many dancers and models are showcasing the best of their curves in skimpy outfits on the stage, whenever a star-hero’s movie gets its audio unveiled. Not to single out any, every function is the same way.

Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh’s Gopala Gopala audio launch is however setting these regular spicy stuff aside. As per reports, the movie’s audio that is likely to be unveiled in the 3rd week of December will have a quiet and decent audio launch. As the movie deals with God, and philosophy of God, there is no point in getting dancers on stage and bringing the color of vulgarity to it.

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