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Actress Oviya for Free!

Actress Oviya’s recent announcement might just raise eyebrows in Kollywood. For, the actress has actually gone on record to say that she’s willing to act in a film for free, provided that the script is interesting.

“I’d like to act in as many interesting roles as possible,” she says, “I didn’t want money to be a deterrent. So, I’ve decided not to charge even a penny, if I find a script that’s appealing. The makers need to pay only my make-up assistants.”

Oviya currently has two projects in Tamil – Sandamarutham with Sarath Kumar and one under Bharathiraaja’s production. She’s also in talks with a couple of filmmakers in Tollywood.

Doesn’t she think that this statement would give rise to uncomfortable comments, including ones stating that she’s fishing for films? “I’ll act for free, only if the script and character are really exciting. For other roles in which I appear in just a few scenes, I’ll charge as usual.”

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