You are at Rana Daggubati Cheated by Top Director!

Rana Daggubati Cheated by Top Director!

Rana Daggubati has accused that director Neeraj Pandey has cheated him. This is in connection with their recent movie “Baby”, whose trailer got almost two million hits in just 2 days. While Rana’s stud look in the role of special military force team leader is stunning, why is he making these accusations.

“I thought I would have a heroine in the movie. But director Neeraj conned me into believing about this, and in the end there is no pair for me”, said Rana, in a funny tone. He stressed that this is the best role he has ever done in Bollywood. Though he reprised similar role earlier in Ajith’s ‘Aarambam’, the actor says, ‘There is a huge difference and you’ll get to know that once you watch the movie. Neeraj did a brilliant job”. The film revolves around terrorism and anti-terror operations.

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