You are at Overall 7 Cuts : SRK Fan Censor Report

Overall 7 Cuts : SRK Fan Censor Report

The distinct difference between the Indian cinema and the world cinema is the proportion of boldness, vulgarity, skin show and usage of cuss words. It is here that the censor board plays a critical role and sometimes they don't spare even the biggest star hero's movies too.

Currently, the censor board in Mumbai has turned red over the new movie Fan featuring Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan. The film is due for release on April 15th and sources say the censor has ordered seven cuts in total along with reducing a police torture scene to fifty percent without a doubt.

The rest of the cuts are all to do with usage of English and Hindi cuss words. Overall, this is not a quintessential SRK movie so if you are his fan and expect some really colorful romance onscreen then you would be disappointed. King Khan has chosen an edgy thriller this time so brace yourselves.

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