You are at Hero Rajasekhar treating Dr Ramanaidu!

Hero Rajasekhar treating Dr Ramanaidu!

In a sensational revelation, hero Rajasekhar stated that he is curing the health of senior producer Dr D Ramanaidu. Apparently Rajsekhar is practicing Allopathy (Homeo medicine) from years, though he is a qualified MBBS doctor long back. “Homeo has cure for so many diseases and it gives better relief than any other medicine”, he says.

Talking in a interview, Rajasekhar claimed that his treatment is making Ramanidu quite better as the producer has felt critically ill sometime back. Rajasekhar is said to be Ramanaidu’s personal doctor and is taking care of him from a time. Earlier Rajasekhar treated many cancer-ridden celebs like Ahuti Prasad and Dharmavarapu too.

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