You are at I would not talk now :Rajamouli

I would not talk now :Rajamouli

Rajamouli response after watching Baahubali

SS Rajamouli has already established himself as one of the most respected names of the Telugu film industry thanks to commercially successful outings such as 'Simhdri', 'Yamdonga' and 'Eega'. Now with his latest directorial venture 'Baahubali' the filmmaker is on the verge of consolidating his standing even further. Today Rajamouli took a chance to relish the moment of success by watching the film in prestigious Brahmaramba theater in Hyderabad, where the first ever shows of Telugu Films are screened everytime.Media mobbed Rajamouli after the movie for his response. But surprisingly he just folded his hands to say Namaste and said “ I would not talk now." He soon left the place. Hard work speaks more than words- this seems to be the motto of Rajamouli

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