You are at AllU & Manchu To Control Release Dates!!

AllU & Manchu To Control Release Dates!!


The whole of Tollywood is right now talking about one 'lunch' party that was hosted by Allu Arjun at Rana Daggubati's house. While no single tweet or online post happened about this luncheon, various angles are being heard about this meeting. In fact, many of Tollywood's happening heroes like Bunny, Ram Charan, Rana, Sandeep, Sushant, Varun Tej, Saidharam, Rakul Preet and Sonal Chauhan have attended this lunch party. What's the agenda of the meeting? Just for fun? No, it's doesn't look that way. According to reports, Bunny and Manchu Lakshmi have spoke about the need for spacing their films properly. Because if these heroes are coming up with movies within 1 week gap at box office, then revenues are eating away into each other pockets. Actually producers have to take care about this, but our heroes have decided to look into matter themselves. Actually there is no single tweet or info about this meeting because all these actors of part of Movie Artists Association (MAA) and Manchu Lakshmi himself is a vice-president. So, how could actors gather unofficially and take such a decision. This is like a parallel government being run by Bunny and Lakshmi Manchu to control the release issues. Not just planning the dates, but our folks are also considering to help those heroes whose films are struck financially. This is something rare, new and also shocking. Let's see what happens.

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