You are at Swathi tells story behind her name!

Swathi tells story behind her name!

Colors Swathi reveals her real name

Anchor-turned-Actress Color Swathi spoke about the untold story behind her real name for the first time ever.

Swathi: "I was born in Russia. Indian navy has brought a submarine from Russian government. So, Few Indian officers had to perform few repairs to bring it to India. For his services, Dad even received a medal. We lived in Russia for a period of 3 years due to this mission."

"My first name was Svetlana. Post the delivery, My Mother was in an unconscious state due to anesthesia. So, Doctor wrote her name as mine in the application. My mother was upset as the paper work was completed by the time she woke up. Svetlana is the name of Lenin's Dauther who ran away and another meaning is beautiful girl."

"After we shifted to Bombay, I was named Swathi as my brother's name was Siddharth just because of the S-S factor. For so many years, I complained to my parents they haven't think about giving a good name to their daughter. My parents told me they actually thought of naming me as 'Swetha' but fearing It might be problem for me had if wasn't fair enough they preferred 'Swathi'. But, It cute and I like my name as it means pure."

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