You are at Balayya 'Lion' Movie 2 Days Collections!!

Balayya 'Lion' Movie 2 Days Collections!!

Lion 2 Days Collections

Balayya Lion Movie Collections List!

After an impressive Day 1, 'Lion' has been largely study on Day 2 and collected a share of 2.08 crore. Particularly, The revenues were pretty good in B and C Centres. However, No so encouraging figures have been reported in the A Centres. This aspect is going to play a key role in deciding the fate of the movie.Trade Analysts say, Balakrishna's following in mass circuits is the only saving grace for 'Lion'. At best, This mass entertainer could collect a share of nearly Rs 15 crore and this means it falls short of break-even by at least Rs 10 crore.

Balayya Lion 2 Days Collections:
NizamRs 2.07 Crore
CeededRs 1.67 Crore
VizagRs 0.73 crore
Guntur Rs 0.98 crore
KrishnaRs 0.60 crore
EastRs 0.59 crore
WestRs 0.58 crore
NelloreRs 0.43 crore

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