You are at I Effect : Bahubali Is Only One Part!

I Effect : Bahubali Is Only One Part!

Well, when a top director surprises the audiences with a bad film, it does leave them shocked for a while.

After Big Failure of Shankar I Movie performance, Rajamouli Scared And Decided to go with only one part of 'Bahubali's . 

But with Baahubali, he is trying to break his mould and he has decided to break it up into two parts. And he has been shooting for a long time now and will shoot for another year. 

Currently, 'Bahubali' Shooting is happening for Second part but,As per the inside sources they will windup the shooting with few more scenes and Make it only one part..

It's going to be Challenging for Both Editor and Rajamouli to Edit the movie and Make it as single part with good content.

Ultimately, content matters and as long as that is intact, any film will work. This is one fundamental even Rajamouli knows very well than all of us so let us wait for the film to hit the theatres and then judge it.

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