You are at Trisha says BJP MLA to burn in Hell

Trisha says BJP MLA to burn in Hell



The lovely smiled and extremely talented actress Trisha had a great tenure as a successful actress not only in Tollywood but also in Kollywood. Her natural performances topped with glamor and glitz earned her many fans all over south India.

Recently, the actress has been showing interest to come into politics and actively been exhibiting social responsibility as well. She has been in constant touch with her fans through her Social Media handle.

Trisha recently tweeted about a BJP MLA hailing from Uttarkhand who has been inhuman on a police horse and fired on his behavior. The horse has been badly injured because of this assault and the doctors advised that the legs have to be amputated.

The actress was obviously shocked at such horrendous behavior by the MLA and said that such actions are shameful especially for somebody who is in a public serving profession.

It is interesting to see Trisha coming forward to voice her opinions on things apart from Cinema and glamour!

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