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8 CrewMembers Of Bollywood Film dead in Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake: 8 crew members of upcoming Bollywood film dead

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Mugdha Godse are in shock as eight crew members from their upcoming film lost their lives in the earthquake that shook Nepal. We got in touch with Ruslaan Mumtaz, who was in Nepal just eight days before disaster struck.“I was in Nepal eight days back shooting for a film with Mugdha Godse. I was shooting in Pokhra which was the epicenter of the earthquake,” said the actor.

For the shoot, the production house had roped in locals to be part of the crew. It seems several from the team became victims of the calamity. “I just found out that eight people from my crew died in the earthquake. The two drivers who used to drive us around in Pokhra also are no more. It's just too freaky.”

Have you tried to get in touch with any of them? “I have a friend in Nepal, I contacted him and he was fine. As for the crew I worked with, I don't have anyone's numbers and I have no chance of finding out anything about them or their families. When we shoot a film out of station, the entire crew is always from the same place. When we shot in Nepal, our crew also were hired from there itself, but I never really got the chance to build a rapport with anyone because of the difference in dialects. Of course I know all of them but I have no way of contacting them or finding out more details about their situation.”

The Nepal schedule of Ruslaan's movie is completed and they have no more sequences to film in the country. The rest of the shoot is scheduled in Mumbai itself. Though the actor escaped just in time, unfortunately his crew members weren't so lucky.

Mugdha Godse, who's the leading lady of the film also tweeted about the same.

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