You are at I First Week Collections!

I First Week Collections!

I First Week Collections: 2nd Highest among Dubbed Films!

'I' Telugu version recorded fantastic first week figures. Even though the revenues were impressive in all the territories, The Collections could be treated as decent due the sky-high prices the theatrical rights have been sold out.  'I' fetched about Rs 39 crore through the sale of distribution rights and hence its still a big task ahead.
As of now, 'I' stands only next to 'Robo' in terms of Box Office revenue and none of the dubbing films have collected even 3/4th of its 7 days collections in their full run.

I First Week Collections:

Nizam: Rs 7.90 crore
Ceeded: Rs 4.72 crore
Vizag: Rs 2.25 crore
Guntur: Rs 2.15 crore
Krishna: Rs 1.44 crore
East: Rs 1.86 crore
West: Rs 1.67 crore
Nellore: Rs 1.11 crore
I AP & Nizam First Week Collections: Rs 23.10 crore

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