You are at Killing Veerappan releasing against Bengal Tiger

Killing Veerappan releasing against Bengal Tiger


Ram Gopal Varma doesn't care much about the competition to release his movies. Despite being aware of market dynamics he pitches his movies against big budget movies all the time. His latest film Killing Veerappan is all set to release on December 11, just a day after Ravi Teja's Bengal Tiger strikes the screens. Ram Gopal Varma's Anukshanam was released exactly a day after Ravi Teja's Power was released and we have seen the fate of Anukshanam that couldn't stand against Mass Maharaja's Power.

He is once again messing with a Ravi Teja's film that is surely going to dominate the box office during next weekend. RGV's recent track record is pretty bad that ticket paying public is not showing any interest in his movies. Killing Veerappan promos were promising and the subject has the potential to pull curious crowds. All that this film needs is a good release date to make an impact but RGV is releasing it against Bengal Tiger, which is not a great idea according to the trade.

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