You are at 25 Lakhs Remuneration For Hebah

25 Lakhs Remuneration For Hebah

She is not extraordinary beautiful girl. Nor does she have great acting skills. She has not acted opposite any big hero yet. Still, Hebbah Patel is getting more than Rs 25 lakhs per movie.

Is it her pure luck or is there any other reason that she is getting paid such hefty remuneration?

According to the industry grapevine, Hebbah has been paid Rs 25 Lakhs for director Sreenu Vaitla's movie with hero Varun Tej. And twist is that she isn't main heroine in the film either. Hebbah will be seen as second lead in this two-heroine movie.

Her bold avatar in last year's super hit movie 'Kumari 21F' made her popular and her manager aired some rumors that she is being chased by top producers and would also be playing opposite NTR, etc.

These reports which turned out to be false also made her hot star and thus she has landed in Vaitla's movie.

If the movie also becomes hit, she might even double the price. More than her beauty and talent, she hit the gold due to her heavy skin show and bold scenes in “Kumari 21F”.

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