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Hot Anjali Cool Remuneration!

Anjali hasn’t acted in very many films, it is said that she is quite serious about her remuneration.

Apparently, after Geetanjali became a hit, her confidence levels increased and she is rather decided about her payment we are told.

Recently, a director named Ashok wanted to make a film titled Bhagmati with Anushka. But he could not manage her dates and the project finally landed with Anjali.

Usually, a film has about three songs and half a dozen scenes for the heroine, but Bhagmati is a woman-oriented film. So, Anjali is said to be insisting on the amount she quoted. It is being said that the final figure was settled at Rs 70 lakhs. 

Well, to be fair to her, if one does a film in a year, then one has to make money out of it right?

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