You are at Manchu Lakshmi Awarded As Best Celebrity Singer

Manchu Lakshmi Awarded As Best Celebrity Singer


From Chiranjeevi to Mahesh, Pawan to NTR, and recently Bunny, every star hero is trying their voice at singing songs in their films. Even Lakshmi Manchu has resorted this feat. GAMA Awards have honoured Manchu Lakshmi as "Best Celebrity Singer" after her stint in last year's "Dongata" movie has clicked well. She sang the peppy "Yendiro" song under the music direction of struggling composer Raghu Kunche. In the whole album, surprisingly this is the only hit song and at the time of movie release, even Mohan Babu felt happy for her daughter's debut as singer as he always dreamt of making her a classical singer from childhood. On flip side, Dongata is a utter flop film at box office.

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