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Amala Akkineni Slogging It Out

Actress Amala Akkineni, who stopped acting ages ago, is back to face the camera. Of course, not for a film. But this time for a Tamil serial called Uyirmei. Apparently, Amala worked harder than she ever worked for films. She says she’s never worked so hard in her career.  Amala plays a doctor in the serial, and she even attended a workshop before the shooting began. “We attended a workshop to understand how doctors work. Three real-life doctors trained us,” she says. Amala even worked liked doctors do, putting in 9 to 9 shifts 15 days a month. “I haven’t worked this hard in the last 20 years. I have been giving my best to Uyirmei.”  She quit acting in 1992, and recently made her comeback in Sekhar Kammula’s Life is Beautiful. Will she do more films in future? She is not sure what projects she will sign and when, but she has one rule that she is sure of. She’ll only do roles that project women in good light.

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