You are at Is Taapsee Heading Hip Siren's Route??

Is Taapsee Heading Hip Siren's Route??


Once out of Tollywood, there are a handful of sirens who have made some bitter comments against this industry. Whether anyone agrees or not, known fact is that after Bollywood this Telugu Film Industry is the one that rolls red-carpets for heroines from any state and pays crores of rupees as remuneration basing on demand.After setting foot in Bollywood, long back, actress Sridevi openly commented that Telugu audiences needed only glamour pouring from her. Most recently Ileana D'cruz, the sexy hip siren she used to be, has commented that Tollywood revolved around her waist beauty but never asked her to showcase acting prowess. While Sridevi clicked big time there, Ileana has bitten dust, and now Tollywood is not ready to absorb her back.Coming to Taapsee, we have this lady throwing tantrums that she isn't getting meaty roles here. Also recently when someone commented that she's looking hot than she used to be here, the curly haired Delhi siren immediately fired salvo. She asked, 'Am I not hot then?'. Though Taapsee signed a Telugu film with Sandeep Kishan recently, is she heading Ileana's route when it comes to blaming people here?

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