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Venkatesh New Look for Gopala Gopala

That Venkatesh is reprising Paresh Rawal's role in the Telugu remake of the Bollywood film Oh My God! is well known. The latest we hear is that Venky has brought his own style to his character. Apparently, the actor has turned stylist and has handpicked his wardrobe for his character in Gopala Gopala, co-starring Pawan Kalyan.

In the Hindi version, Paresh played an antique shop dealer, who sported a half-sleeve banyan and pyjama, apart from the long kurtas and a jackets on top of it. However, for the Telugu version, Venky has decided to do it his way. "Venky has incorporated different hues of short kurtas to his wardrobe and used a lot of linen and cotton. Though pretty simple, his costumes are stylish and classy, with more than 40 changes. It's going to be a much more stylish look," says a source in the film's unit.

A perfectionist at heart, Venkatesh personally went shopping for his clothes. "Venky did a lot of research about the kind of clothes he needs to sport for his role. He shopped and personally handpicked his outfits for the film and even ensured that the clothes match all his scenes. Venky went out of the way to select his outfits," adds the source.

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