You are at Pawan,Renu and Twin Towers!

Pawan,Renu and Twin Towers!


For anyone, there are certain scary incidents that haunt forever. They say time heals anything, but still certain things induce fear so heavily that their very sight gives a jerk under the feet. Even former heroine Renu Desai has one such in her life.

Even though she forgets all the turmoil she is going through in her personal life, Renu is little puzzled to do one thing, that is nothing but flying to USA. Ask her when did she went to America for the last time and you will know why she gets scared. "Last time I was in NewYork with Kalyan garu was 11th, September 2001", she says, giving enough reason as to why she scares. On that very fateful day, terrorists have attacked World Trade Centre in NewYork with hijacked flights.

Renu adds, "To go back after 14 years to NewYork still gets a knot in my stomach. It's such a scary experience". Hope she gets rid of her fear and enjoys her NewYork trip with family to the fullest.

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