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Why Amitabh Raised above Stardom?


When it comes to stars and their stardom then there will be a lot of ego problems involved to tackle with them. But the Megastar reveals his original feelings about ego, self importance, self conceit ans so on. However, it is the Megastar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachan who shared his thoughts during the promotional events of Shamitabh.

Amitabh Bachan wrote "NO...we do not have conditions of ego in our profession, at least I do not, I do not know of the others. I cannot understand ego - self importance, self conceit - I do not have importance, or any indication of my conceit, whatever that word means."

Amitabh Bachan wrote "“I am but an ordinary individual much like all, just doing another job to earn a living, ego does not exist for me." He also made it clear "NOOOOOO…I have none, I am still learning, I am given a character to emote and perform...the director guides me to deliver my lines after hearing me rehearse a million times in private and in person…Where the heck in all this, does it give us time for EGO."

May be that is why this ordinary man raised above stardom, just not bounding with normal ego problems.

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