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Shruti turns vegetarian!

For anyone who follows her on social media, this should come as a shock. Shruti Haasan has become a vegetarian.“I grew up in the most carnivorous way possible, devouring whatever I could. In fact, beef was my favourite — a medium rare bloody steak for me anytime! But I gave up beef almost a-year-and-a-half ago, and when I came to Chennai this time, I decided to stop eating non-veg after a conversation with my dad. He’s not a vegetarian, but takes the utmost care about what he eats, and it made sense to try this new lifestyle habit,” she sighs.

Is this a fitness thing, we ask? “I feel lighter now since I stopped! This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying out new cuisines; I’m a huge fan of Turkish and Japanese food. But my true bane is my love for South Indian saapaad! Biryani, sambar... I’m a total sucker for them. Early in my career, for movies like Luck, I hit the gym like crazy and was super-skinny, but then I realised I wasn’t eating anything! So now I maintain a healthy balance.”

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