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Superstar Rajnikanth Praised Lawrence

Superstar gets surprised and shocks Lawrence

Superstar Rajnikanth always know for this down to earth nature and appreciates any filmmaker if at all they come up with a fantastic film. Now Lawrence is in on cloud nine as he got an early morning call from Rajni. For what?..After watching the posters and teasers of “Kanchana 2", Rajni got surprised with various looks of Lawrence in the movie, one that of a girl, another one with bald head and other avatars. As his instinct says that Kanchan 2 has super hit written all over it, Rajni called the choreographer-director early in the morning and praised him. Lawrence is yet to come out of this sweet shock.On April 17th, Lawrence Kanchana 2 and Telugu version “Ganga" are hitting cinemas.

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