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Nag,Chiru's Channel into Production!

Shocking!! Maa TV Enters Film Production

For the first time in Indian television history, a TV channel has now decided to venture into film production. It is none other than over dearest MAA TV, co-owned by Sony TV, Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi, Allu Arvind and Nimmagadda Prasad. To juggle with the ongoing satellite rights fighting between different channels, MAA has come up with this new initiative.

MAA TV is the major entertainment provider for Telugu film lovers as it has beaten competition like Gemini and Zee Telugu from a time. However, these three channels are competing with each other heavily to grab satellite rights of leading movies. In a bid to own them, some are quoting high price even for a flop flick. And with new guidelines in effect regarding airing of ads per hour in entertainment channels, there is no way to recover money with just first-time airing of a super star's movie on any channel. And for second time airing, brands are not paying huge money for the ad slots. So, rather investing 6-9 crores to for a big hero's flick, it is better to make 3 small-budgeted flicks in that budget and MAA TV is right now doing the same.

We hear that MAA TV team has already finished pre-production of six scripts, and three scripts are under shoot currently. Earlier they have picked up short-films to be aired, and now the channel picked the directors of those short to direct these feature length movies. Truly shocking, but a wonderful move!!

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