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Sampoornesh Babu Kobbari Matta Poster

Sampoornesh Babu's cheap publicity stunt!

When did India got its Independence and which country granted the freedom? Everyone might be aware of the actual answers 'August 15th' & 'Britain'.

However, Makers of 'Kobbari Matta' starring Sampoornesh Babu don't agree with it. They have gone to the extent of declaring India achieved Independence on April 15th and it was granted by USA. They even planned to release a song from the movie to mark the occasion.

This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt by Sampoornesh Babu & Co. They had relied on such attention grabbing tactics even for 'Hrudaya Kaleyam' but the path they choose for promoting 'Kabbari Matta' is objectionable. Its certain to stir a huge controversy and the Burning Star will surely regret it.

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