You are at Baahubali not releasing in Japan!!

Baahubali not releasing in Japan!!

No Baahubali for Japan audiences

Baahubali is hitting cinemas on July 10th. Speculations are rife that the film will release in couple of foreign languages too. However, it is rumoured that Baahubali team will be releasing Japanese version of the film and Telugu version with Japanese or English subtitles in Japan. What has the producers to say about this?..Team Baahubali says, “We are surprised to see some posts in social media claiming to be releasing Baahubali Tamil & Telugu versions with English subtitles in Japan. We would like to clarify that neither we nor our overseas distributors have sold the Japanese theatrical rights of Baahubali. We would like to caution people about these posts! Thank you.So, there is no Bahaubali in Japan!!!

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