You are at Balayya 'Lion' First Show Talk!!

Balayya 'Lion' First Show Talk!!

Lion: First Day First show talk

The much awaited Nandamuri Balakrishna's "Lion" starring Trisha and Radhika Apte in the female leads has released in theatres and garnered positive reviews from viewers across the globe.

As per initial reports the film is a decent one with right blend of mass elements like romance, comedy, music, punch dialogues and family sentiments. The audiences, who watched "Lion", say that the movie has an interesting story and Satyadev has done fantastic job as a director. Twist in first half and racy screenplay in second half are the main highlights of the film and debutant director Satya dev successfully reached the expectations; One of the fan told. Mani sharma's Background score and Balayya's screen presence are said to be another highlight of the film.

After watching it, film goers posted their verdict on the movie on their Twitter pages. Read below

''#NBKLion mani sir bgm top notch.. #NBKLion action sequences to good from ram laxman... #NBKLion interval bang.... Bang Bang... Kummindhi #NBKLion more than expected from satyadeva... Well done... Fully based on story and screenplay no unnecessary elevation and heroism scenes.. #NBKLion kudos to balayya for accepting a script like this... Sooper #NBKLion lion title song steps... Kevvv..hero looks awesome #NBKLion overall lion meets the range of lakshmi narasimha.... Don't expect simha /legend.. #NBKLion summer first hit in telugu... Mass feast..''

''#NBKLion Kuwait show completed .. Suspense story in first half and racy screenplay in second half .. balayya 3rd char NBNB #SuperHit''

''Mani Sharma BGM Done With First Half Avg Stuff.. Nothing New.. Converse Between Balayya & PR Good... #Lion On Screen Songs Are Not Up To The Mark.. CBI Riding Scene & Dailogues An Outstanding Bike Stunt By Balayya'

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