You are at Threat To Director Shankar!

Threat To Director Shankar!

Director Shankar's recent release "I" doing fine at box office so far, yet it has its fliths and faults. There is a controversy that came in light in Chennai regarding this movie. A Hijra Character is one of the notables in director's flick. Some Hijra groups in chennai made a point that he underplayed that character and the way he has shown the lust that hijra had towards hero character is not acceptable.

"Transgenders are shown as sex freaks in the movie. About ten of us, will be meeting the commissioner and we are also in touch with other members of the community to decide what kind of protest it should be," says LGBT activist, Sasha Reddy.

"Initially, I was called to dub for the makeup artist in the movie. But later I realized that they were just testing my voice to see whether it would match the character. They ended up using a more masculine voice. When I visited the studio for dubbing, I was shown only a few scenes and they asked me to keep everything confidential." Rose Added.

On this contrary, even these groups threatened attacks on shankar's house and properties. Tamilnadu Government made necessary security measures to director's house.

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