You are at Nag in MEK: Wikipedia is all wrong

Nag in MEK: Wikipedia is all wrong

Nagarjuna has completed a whole season of Mee Lo Evaru Koteswarudu successfully and left the audience with a hope that he would return soon. He called his close friend Mega star Chiranjeevi for the final episode and they both shared the MEK journey, praising the emotional connect that it had with audience which was all wonderful and nice.

But before that when the last participant Kalyan was still on and he had an option of using a phone a friend. Kalyan had described his friend as a Wikipedia who also answered the question about WIPRO correctly.

But before Nag confirmed the answer he asked the participant whether he believed Wikipedia was correct and went to explain that most of the content is wrongly given including his own education in a university where he never studied and that the information posted is not correct and properly verified and anyone can enter information into the Wikipedia. If you see his Wikipedia profile its shows a picture of Nagarjuna with the year 2020 written below!!!! A senior actor's allegation made on National Network which needs to be seriously considered by the Wikipedia folks!

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