You are at Exposed:Reddy hero’s hidden charity works

Exposed:Reddy hero’s hidden charity works

We had seen many heroes who throw peanuts and publicizing it’s like a charity work.But here comes a real hero who wants to keep his charity works under covers.

Telugu based Tamil Hero Vishal has turned into a real life hero by donating a sum of Rs.25,000 to a journalist family. Surprisingly Vishal did the donation after seeing a mere request in Whatsapp.

Going into details Vel Murugan, who was working as a video journalist in Kalaignar TV, died because of ill health. The deceased man’s wife was a pregnant and the family don’t have any other income sources.Murugan’s friends requested help through Whatsapp communicator and the message reached for Vishal too.

Seeing the message, Vishal send Rs.25,000 through his manager .More importantly he requested his manager not to reveal his name. many of his fans thanked the hero for donating the sum to the family in need.

Usually, it's Pawan Kalyan who often resorts to such philanthropy works. So, is vishal reddy  deeply inspired by Pawan Kalyan? Well, many insiders opine so. Great doing Vishal. Keep it up.

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