You are at Shyamala as anchor for Jabardasth?

Shyamala as anchor for Jabardasth?


Popular Television show “Jabardasth" is going a huge change nowadays. One of them is that the show anchor Rashmi has opted to drop from further episodes as she is getting busy with films. It is being rumored that another anchor Shyamala is likely to replace her. 'Jabardasth' which got aired for the first on 7th of February 2013, saw Anasuya as its first anchor.

Anasuya in overall hosted 15 episodes and later on Rashmi took it from her. This comedy show is extensively known for high voltage comedy and records good TRP's every week when aired.Many comedians who performed on this stage later on went on to act in Telugu films.Previous anchor Anasuya too left for the same reason. She was earlier roped into films that left her no choice but to quit anchoring.

Now, Anchor Rashmi is also leaving this show for the very same reason. Rashmi, who has been the major attraction for the show apart from Nagababu and Roju, is roped into few films. Rashmi is much known for her dances at the start of each episode. She is also a useful one over whom the comedians and satire upon.

It is rumored that sooner Shyamala will take on the anchoring business from Rashmi and will accompany Naga babu and Roja.

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