You are at Actress Bhanusree Facebook Account Hacked!!

Actress Bhanusree Facebook Account Hacked!!

Bhanusree Mehra Account hacked

Celebrities are also the soft target for Cyber Criminal. Hackers wouldn't miss any opportunity to sneak into the accounts of Film Stars out of curiosity to know about their personal life. On few occasions, They even misuse the skills of hacking.Bhanusree Mehra, who played female lead in Allu Arjun's Varudu, is the latest victim of cyber crime. A while ago, She took to Twitter to reveal that an individual who owns a Hyderabad-based media agency has hacked her Facebook account. She even accused the man of selling off her Facebook page to a third party.

Not stopping at there, Bhanusree urged her Fans to retweet her post so that such cyber criminal will be exposed. She even shared the URL link of the new Facebook profile created by her.Why not Bhanusree Mehra think about hiring a reputed Media Agency which could handle her profile and deal with such issues?

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