You are at Veena Malik Gave Birth to Baby Boy!

Veena Malik Gave Birth to Baby Boy!

Bollywood actress, Veena Malik, who is actually from Pakistan, made Indian audience feel the heat on screens. This lady entered new phase of life with marriage in December last year. She was married to Asad Bashir Khan and the couple got settled in US.

Bashir gave the sweet news of Veena Malik’s pregnancy few months back and now he made it more special by saying that Veena Malik gave birth to a baby boy. Both the mother and the baby are in safe condition and Bashir posted a photo in Twitter showing the baby boy.

Veena Malik was struck in various controversies in the past but the Bollywood actors and the audience kept all those memories aside and congratulated Veena on this aspect. too congratulates Veena and Bashir on this aspect and viewers, stay tuned to know the name of the newly born baby!

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