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Gopichand Talks About His Film Entry

Gopichand speaks about his Film Entry

Gopichand has faced a lot of hardships to establish himself in the Telugu Film Industry. In a recent interview, He revealed how did his film entry happen.

Gopichand: "I wasn't interested in films in my college days. My brother used to be very passionate about films. He joined as assistant director with Muthyala Subaiah. It was at that time  he met with an car accident and passed away. I was in Russia for studies at that time and couldn't return to India because of Visa issues. I came to India only after 7-8 months. It was after completing my engineering, I decided to enter films".

"I expressed my wish with Producer Pokuri Baburao first. He advised me to try some business instead of films. Then, I approached my uncle and he isn't in a position to support my decision. After that, I met Muthyala Subaiah and he was the first person to react positively. It gave me some confidence and later I got trained to improve my dialogue modulation. My first film was produced by my relatives and directed by Muthyala Subaiah. Sadly, The film was a flop and I didn't receive any offers for 6-7 months. I was very upset with it".

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